Leadership from ESPN, NFL Media, MLB Network, others discuss tech enabling safe, remote sports productions

For Immediate Release:

Winter Springs, FL, May 27, 2020 – Sports Video Group is producing a series of live web broadcasts featuring interviews with leaders in the “at-home” production industry. The 3-part series focuses on how major sports broadcast and technology companies such as ESPN, NFL Media, MLB Network are adapting to new remote style production environments as sports begin to resume. As a result of COVID-19, safer practices are required on-site at sports venues for staff members & producers are looking to new technologies to enable remote workflows.

Sportzcast President Mike Connell will be participating in the “At-Home Graphics Tech Focus” segment during the live broadcast at 2pm EST on June 4th. Joining Mike will be Pamela Neff from ESPN, Brian Perkins from MLB Network, Komal Bhukhanwala from CBS Sports, and Andrew Heimbold from Reality Check Systems. The segment will focus on the combination of big data, virtualized systems, and the ability to work remotely transforming graphics creation workflows & processes.

Sportzcast enables remote broadcast tools via their scoreboard interface devices called “Scorebots”. Scorebots connect to existing venue scoreboard systems and distribute official game data in real-time into local or remote production equipment. Every game detail from the running game clock, scoring events, play clocks and more are made available as real-time data feeds into production applications & equipment both in the venue and offsite. Production teams can obtain and utilize reliable and 100% accurate game data to include in broadcast locations such as their graphic overlays without having to have a staff member on-site during the event. To date, Scorebots have been connected in over 5,000 venues at all levels of competition in the United States & internationally from professional venues, collegiate institutions, high schools & more. The devices are compatible with over 100 different scoreboard systems & integrated with numerous production software platforms, making them a solution for any size production.

For more information on the series including all participants and segments, the official SVG event page can be found at SVG’s website here: https://www.sportsvideo.org/event/2020-svg-at-home-production-series/?page=episode-2-editing-and-graphics-thursday-june-4


June 4th, 2020 2pm EST Broadcast Scheduled Segments:

Editing and Media Management Tech Focus

Remote editing solutions are more important than ever and, thankfully, they are also more capable than ever. Join us as top technology providers discuss their offerings, the current challenges related to editing remotely, and more.

Confirmed Speakers:

Jeff Barnes, EditShare, Director of Strategic Accounts, Americas

Brad Boim, NFL Media, Senior Director, Post Production and Asset Management


CineSys-Oceana Case Study


Karen Gondoly, Leostream, CEO / VP Product Management

Stu Robinson, Amulet Hotkey, Head of Strategic Marketing

Harry Skopas, CineSys-Oceana, Director of Technology / Media Solutions Architect


At-Home Graphics Tech Focus

The combination of big data, virtualized systems, and the ability to work remotely is transforming graphics creation workflows and processes. Experts in graphics discuss how graphics systems are evolving in response to the growth in at-home productions.

Confirmed Speakers:

Mike Connell, Sportzcast, President

Andrew Heimbold, Reality Check Systems, President

Pamela Neff, ESPN, Senior Director, Project Management, Animation and Design

Komal Bhukhanwala, CBS Sports, Art Director

Brian Perkins, MLB Network, Senior Director, IT Production Systems


For more information contact Sam Provencher, Sportzcast. sam@sportzcast.net | 321-888-3800