Two Weeks, Two Sports, Three Venues, 151 Games, No Operators


CLEARWATER, FL – SPORTZCAST’s cutting edge IP-Camera based streaming solution is working extra innings this month. Over the next two weeks, SPORTZCAST is connecting fans from all over the nation to NCAA baseball and softball action across three venues in the Clearwater and Orlando areas. SPORTZCAST is teaming with the University of South Florida (Tampa) and Diamond9 in Orlando to stream LIVE 1080P HD video from all three venues simultaneously. An industry first, all 14 streams are completely automated with in-camera graphic score overlays delivering scoreboard data directly from each field’s scoreboard. Once the in-camera graphics are pre-configured to receive live scoring data from SPORTZCAST, a single camera runs the show.

Daily during the tournaments, fans from around the world have been able to tune in and select any field to view a live feed from USF Series or Diamond9. A total of 151 games will be streamed from the the three venues, including action from the Under Armour Invitational, Under Armour Showcase, Diamond9 Citrus Classic II, Sunshine State Classic II, and the Clearwater Spring Break Classic.

This impressive feat was accomplished via a combination of SPORTZCAST’s new native integration with Axis Communications’ IP Cameras and the brand new SPORTZCAST wireless Scorebot. An Axis IP camera was mounted directly onto the backstop of each field, connected and powered solely via a PoE Cat5 cable, allowing for an incredibly clean and efficient installation. All encoding functions and scoreboard overlays were completely integrated within the camera. No laptops or ancillary production equipment or cloud servers were required. Scorebots were installed in the venue press boxes and received scoreboard data wirelessly from each field. Using SPORTZCAST Control Room, a custom graphic template was remotely uploaded into each camera and overlaid with live scoreboard data from the corresponding field. The end result was an RTMP 1080p HD video feed with automated graphic score overlays encoded and streamed directly from each field’s camera.

This innovative and turnkey solution allowed for complete coverage of all 150+ games of the tournaments by a single operator. Utilizing SPORTZCAST Control Room, operators are able to remotely start and stop every camera, control and assign streaming information and design custom graphic overlays all from a single web interface.

This new technology is currently being implemented in other venues across the country as well. SPORTZCAST is partnering with colleges, high schools and professional organizations to enable this turnkey streaming solution for their various venues such as Baseball, Softball, Volleyball, Tennis, and more. The automated complete solution is a perfect fit with organizations looking to expand their content within budget constraints.

About SPORTZCAST SPORTZCAST provides automated tools to sports venues to enable high quality media production. Automated scoreboard overlays are created in real time and made available for immediate insertion into sporting events. The graphics may be inserted live in the production system or in the cloud during distribution. From sporting events, webinars, live entertainment, classrooms and corporate communications, SPORTZCAST gives customers the power to grow their audiences, brands and businesses, faster than ever before, and in virtually any venue.