Cost effective, permanently installable

The ScoreLink is the next generation of our original and most widely used device, the Scorebot 1000. A ScoreLink can be programmed to operate as a traditional Scorebot 1000 & connect to the Sportzcast Cloud Servers via the internet to distribute your data to any location. Additionally, the ScoreLink can connect directly to your equipment within the venue via a local network connection. Simply connect the device to your local subnet & connect your equipment to the IP Address of the ScoreLink to receive your data. No internet or cloud connection necessary. Unlike the Scorebot 1000, the ScoreLink is capable of switching between scoreboard protocols via the ScoreConnect plugin (which is a downloadable PC plugin available on our website). ScoreConnect allows you to view connectivity statuses, preview your data locally, and change between scoreboard protocols.

  • Operate as Scorebot 1000

  • Local Direct Connections

  • Cloud Connectivity

  • Change Between Scoreboards

  • Control with ScoreConnect

  • Any Scoreboard Type

  • Permanently Installable

  • SportzSuite Compatible

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Device Specifications

  • Can operate as a Scorebot 1000

  • Local direct connections

  • Change between Scoreboards

  • Control with ScoreConnect

  • Any Scoreboard type

  • Permanently installable

  • SportzSuite Compatible