ScoreHub wins Best of Show at NAB 2019

For Immediate Release April 22nd 2019

ScoreHub wins Best of Show at NAB 2019

LAS VEGAS, NV- Sportzcast has been awarded a Best of Show Award at NAB 2019 by TV Technology for the ScoreHub, a next-generation device for universal real-time scoreboard data decoding and distribution. The ScoreHub can connect directly or wirelessly to over 200 different scoreboard protocols in the U.S. and internationally. The device reads the scoreboard-specific protocol, instantly interprets & delivers it as standardized data into any broadcast or recording destination with near-zero latency, making it an unparalleled & universal real-time scoreboard data source. The ScoreHub is the first and only device which can receive native wireless scoreboard data from multiple scoreboard manufacturers. It can also receive real-time game data directly from the venue scoreboard system via a hardwired connection. The data can be used in a large catalog of major partner software to be displayed in realtime broadcast graphic formats. In conjunction with Sportzcast’s brand-new CloudFX platform, a completely custom scoreboard graphic can be designed remotely, synched with real-time scoreboard data from the ScoreHub within a venue, and be made available to any network device instantly. Full NDI® and HDMI graphic output is also available directly from the ScoreHub.

One of the biggest issues facing live sports production crews is receiving & displaying live and accurate game data for broadcasts. Almost every sports venue has a different and unique scoreboard model. Most of which do not supply a direct output link from their system. Those that do are specific to their scoreboard protocol, meaning producers are left to reconfigure their production environment constantly to suit. The ScoreHub alleviates all of these issues by giving producers a universal interface device that can connect to & receive data from any scoreboard system, and most importantly deliver that data in a standardized format into the producer’s environment. Utilizing the unprecedented wireless features, a producer can now literally arrive at a venue, receive the scoreboard data out of the air & have real-time game data in their production equipment instantly.

Intended Applications: Live and recorded sporting events involving a scoreboard- including live broadcasts, coaches’ analytics, scouting, fan engagement & more. SPORTZCAST’s ScoreHub is ideal for all sports or timing-based events including football, basketball, soccer, softball, baseball, volleyball, tennis, track & field and more.

What sets it apart:  Unparalleled library of scoreboard protocol sources  Real-time data delivery  NDI® implementation for instant, complete & real-time scoreboard graphics  Wireless scoreboard reception, previously not possible  WiFi enabled  Touchscreen on-device LED control panels  Remote control features from any location

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