Software tools available to Sportzcast Subscribers

Virtual Scoreboard Controller

On your mobile device

Custom HTML Graphic Designer

Web-based application

Deliver Cloud Graphics Anywhere

Enable remote productions

SportzSuite is a collection of web-based applications & integrations available to subscribers that utilize Sportzcast technology. Learn more about each below & try it out for yourself with a free trial.

SportzSuite Features


  • Specifications
  • Next generation replacement for LiveSportzCG
  • Web/Browser-based allows for use on any OS
  • HTML based graphics, NDI also possible
  • Embeddable in Iframe form into websites
  • Quick & intuitive graphic overlay creation
  • Save & access layouts from anywhere

Product Details

SportzDesigner is the next generation of one of Sportzcastā€™s most beloved and relied upon applications for custom, easy graphic overlays featuring real-time scoreboard data- LiveSportzCG. While LiveSportzCG was limited to Windows PCs, SportzDesigner is browser based, enabling use on any platform. SportzDesigner includes all of the simple yet powerful features of LiveSportzCG allowing users with virtually no graphic or broadcast design background the ability to quickly and effectively create broadcast graphic overlays. Templates are included for each sport that can be used as is, or easily modified to suit your productions. You can also create graphics from scratch and save them to your account, where they will then become available anytime you log into your account from anywhere. Try SportzDesigner for yourself right now for free by clicking here.


  • Specifications
  • Manually score any game if no scoreboard exists
  • Turns any web connected device into a virtual Scorebot
  • Can be combined with Scorebot feeds as supplemental data
  • Backup option for travel
  • Football, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Volleyball

Product Details

A brand new feature for Sportzcast users is the SportzBot. The SportzBot essentially acts as a manual Scorebot for anytime a traditional scoreboard or connection is unavailable. Sportzcast clients can open a web browser on any connected device, log into their SportzSuite account, chose a sport type, and their device becomes a scoreboard controller, able to send manual game data to the Sportzcast servers that will appear just like Scorebot data. This is a perfect application for Sportzcast clients traveling on the road to venues where they may not have access to connect to the venue scoreboard controller, but still want to utilize their typical setup. Simply open the SportzBot web app and keep score manually. This application is also used heavily in the traveling tournament industry to provide game data from locations that have no physical scoreboards at all. Try SportzBot for yourself right now for free by clicking here.


  • Remotely receive and display graphic overlays with data
  • Integrated with NewTek Tricasters
  • Access any of your saved Sportzcast templates
  • Save templates locally on your device
  • Embeddable in Iframe form into websites
  • Works with all Scorebot models

Product Details

SportzCG is a first of its kind tool which allows you to remotely deliver complete graphic overlays featuring real-time scoreboard data from any location into destinations such as NewTek Tricasters, PCs and more. Users can design completely custom graphics with SportzDesigner and send them to the cloud where they can instantly become available anywhere in the world via SportzCG. With SportzCG running on your device, simply connect to your Sportzcast account, choose the graphic you wish to display as an NDI, .png (or other) graphic source and you can instantly have your complete overlay. Overlay templates can even be saved locally to the device so that they can be used on a local data connection from a Scorebot. Powerful features allow you to take control of your graphic sources remotely, change between overlays on the fly and more.


  • Specifications
  • Send Scorebot data into 3rd party software
  • Native Intregrations into Partner software
  • XML, JSON, SBData format options also available
  • Broadcast graphics, replay systems, coaches tools, social media feeds
  • Full list of partners on Integrations Page

Product Details

In addition to internally developed software, Scorebots are compatible with numerous 3rd party software applications. Sportzcast has spent years working with our integrated partners to deliver real-time scoreboard data into various destinations. So if you already own broadcast, editing, or replay software systems and are looking to get automated scoreboard data into your workflows- you can accomplish that by simply adding a Scorebot to your equipment. For many of our integrated partners, you can connect a Scorebot locally or via the cloud to receive real-time data by logging in with your Sportzcast credentials inside their software. However, all Scorebots are also capable of distributing standardized scoreboard data in various formats that software systems can accept, such as .XML, JSON, and more. View our Integrations page to see some of our integrated partners, or contact us today at 321-888-3800 to speak with a representative about your setup.

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